PIVKO PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO was founded by Jon Pivko in 2014. over the last 9 years, jon and Kyle have documented over 500 love stories.


Jon's deep-seated appreciation for visual storytelling has been a lifelong pursuit. As a child he discovered photography with a sense of natural affinity and hasn't looked back since. His background in film study lends a cinematic quality to his work, marrying the elegance of editorial photography with the raw authenticity of documentary moments.

When he's not photographing couples, Jon enjoys spending quality time with his wife and two sons, indulging in his creative passions, and planning his next big home project.


Kyle is a passionate visual storyteller who firmly believes in the profound power and mystery of love. He attended the prestigious NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, where he studied Filmmaking. In 2016, Kyle began working with Jon and has immersed himself in the distinctive love stories of over 100 couples, as a filmmaker and photographer.

Off-duty, Kyle wears multiple hats — as a Photo Assistant/BTS Photographer at SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, a writer and director of short films, and a relentless film photographer, documenting his daily life with his fiancée and their cats.


A mutual acquaintance introduced Jon and Kyle in 2016 with the preface of them being two of a kind. They took an immediate liking to each other as friends and creative collaborators. Their artistic approach is harmonious along with their aspirations as artists to maintain high standards.

Jon has been documenting weddings since 2014, and has mentored Kyle in both wedding filmmaking and photography through the years. Kyle photographed his first wedding with Jon in 2019 and began lead shooting in 2022.