Ariana and Blake are high school sweethearts that fell in love young and have the type of relationship that is aging like a fine wine. I can’t say enough about these two and the amazing cast of characters that they keep around them. One thing that felt really prevalent throughout the day was laughter, and lots of it. When you shoot weddings it is like spending 10 hours in an entirely unique human energy system each and every time, and humor is one of those things that divides those pockets of energy in a very clear way. Let’s just say Ariana and Blake’s wedding was full of humor, smiles, silliness, and enthusiasm. It was genuine fun, and the Pivko Photography crew really enjoyed working within it.

The day began and ended at The Wilshire Grand of West Orange, NJ. It was a cloudy day with on and off drizzle. We made it work with umbrellas, a tough wedding party, and by altering the portrait schedule a bit to avoid a patch of stronger rain. Ariana and Blake kept the energy so positive and beautiful all day that it might as well have been sunny. After getting ready, the emotional first look, was followed up by portraits and an intimate and emotional ceremony where both Ariana and Blake spoke from the heart. After they tied the knot the party started and didn’t stop until we walked out of The Wilshire Grand.

Two photographers for all day gave birth to many photos, but I picked out a few I enjoyed below. I hope the ones I place below capture the energy of these two souls and the family and friends that surround them. It was a pleasure getting a chance to document a marriage for a power couple so deeply in love. Thank you Ariana and Blake.