Having shot weddings for a couple of Vicki and Mike’s friends in the past, I felt very comfortable with this crew. These guys treated me like an honorary member of the wedding party – it’s not often the bridal party takes your drink order and makes sure it stays full during the portrait session. The light at The White Meadow Lake Country Club was beautiful on this gorgeous September day, and it was the perfect venue for Vicki and Mike since they could walk over from their house (no brainer)! Vicki and Mike were lovely subjects, especially all the tears shed by Mike who is a total softy in-disguise. Vicki was such a gracious bride from the day she hired me to when she hugged me goodbye at the end of the night. This was a great day of work in the midst of a busy wedding season. It was so great seeing brides from yesteryear and continuing to see a group of friends for a third straight year. Honored and blessed. Thanks Vicki and Mike and congrats once again.