Kate and Joe were married on a rainy spring day in May. It rained pretty much their entire wedding day, but Kate and Joe kept the vibe fun, loving and positive. It was amazing to watch, because having shot a lot of weddings, bad weather is only given power by the couple at the center of it all. If they remain cool, so does everyone else. So thankfully these two are about as cool as they come, and that is going to translate to one hell of a great marriage. Kate was simply radiant when I showed up to her parents’ house for the getting ready portion of the day. The closeup of her while getting dressed I hope immortalizes her timeless beauty on this day as I can see the soul in her eyes that close up. Joe is about as charming and warm as humans come, and as a couple they were incredibly emotive and fun to photograph all day long (look at Joe’s face as they entered the reception hall!). It was raining hard at Trump National in Colts Neck, but thankfully these two were willing to go outside and brave the conditions. We used umbrellas, we mixed it up, and we captured the beauty and the magic that was their entirely unique and special wedding day. I had a blast capturing these two, enjoy the preview below!