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So many couples I have known personally, plus those I have worked for, have continued to mention the “backyard wedding.” Whether a serious consideration or a distant dream in the middle of planning something far from a backyard celebration, the concept has intrigued many with promises of more comfort, intimacy, and cost savings.

I was thrilled to hear that Tina and Tom were actually really doing it when they hired me to photograph their day. It was a first for me as a photographer, and I sure hope it is not my last. What a beautiful, fun, and relaxed wedding to be a part of, anchored by the kind and loving couple of the day. The woodland backdrop behind their property was a photographer’s dream come true, and made for some gorgeous photos and light (of course I am biased).

It never fails that the attitude and personality of the couple almost always dictates the kind of guests I encounter. In this case; fun loving, joyful, welcoming, and all around easy to photograph human beings. Best wishes Tina and Tom, I hope you enjoy your preview below!