Danielle and Austin tied the knot at The Pasckack Bible Church in Hillsdale, NJ. It was a pretty significant spot since they met their as youngin’s at Bible School in the room that Danielle got ready in! That detail is an insight into the wholesome, virtuous nature of these two who are such fine and warm human beings it restores your faith in humanity. After the ceremony they drove off in a classic Thunderbird, and we met at The Hermitage in Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ for some portraits. It was a great spot, and the light was luminous and warm just like the couple of the day. I shot Austin’s brother Tyler’s wedding in 2016 and it was so much fun to capture Austin’s family for a second time, I will certainly miss them. Danielle comes from a large family and it was a blast to see how much love they all shared for each other in a genuine and beautiful way. Talk about successful families.

The wedding day concluded at The Fiesta in Woodridge, NJ where Danielle and Austin provided their vendors with a table amongst their guests. Literally brought tears to my eyes. The party was electric thanks to the silliness and energy of the wedding party. It was just a seriously pleasurable day of work where despite all the fun I was having I was being thanked repeatedly by Danielle and Austin which was humbling. Weeks later I ran into them at a lunch spot in my home town. Immediately they were thanking me again for what I did at their wedding. Truly unbelievable humans, as it is I that was given the gift of getting to work for them. When I think about these two it, is apparent that they live their faith in a way that is very inspiring. Meeting them both is meeting people that have a clear purpose within them, and I know they will go on to fill the hearts of many people as a married couple. Look at the images below for proof of their warmth and fun nature. I am incredibly lucky to have been their wedding photographer. Enjoy the preview below.