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Taylor and Rich were kind enough to hire me for their September 2016 wedding, and elected for an engagement shoot on their home turf of Jersey City. We started with a quick portrait session featuring their dog Brinks. Initially Brinks was a bit skiddish when he thought he was being taken to the always dreaded car, but luckily I have worked a lot with animals so all I had to do was pull out the patented Pivko Photography Dog Hypnotism Technique®. The very complicated technique involved repeated “kissy” sounds and saying the name “Brinks” over and over at about the frequency of a tea kettle. It worked like a charm as Brinks transformed into a stud.

Then came the engagement session with Brinks’ mom and dad. There is an old saying in photography, “you know you have photographed a good looking couple when the light reflecting off their cheek bones actually requires special attention in the dark room.” At least that’s a saying in my dark room, and I must have said it upwards of 200 times while editing Taylor and Rich’s engagement session.

My camera was loving the urban backdrop of Jersey City and New York across the river, especially when the sun set and the lights went on. It was hard choosing selects for this preview since there were so many great shots. However, my favorite have to be the ones taken in the warm lights of Green Hooke Bar & Kitchen. Taylor and Rich ordered a couple of extra dirty martinis, and that’s when I found out Rich proposed by putting the ring between olives. What a perfect, meaningful way to end a shoot for this lovely couple. Congrats guys!

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