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Five minutes into my engagement session with Jennifer and Steven, and I felt like I was with old friends. This feeling entered casual rotation with the sensation I was photographing models that I had paid to be there (somewhere out there are good looking children waiting to be born). The session was effortless, thanks in large part to Jennifer and Steven’s chemistry and great sense of humor. Also, I must give props to the quaint, golden sun drenched town of Piermont, NY.

As if a memory card full of gorgeous photos wasn’t enough to satiate this photographer, Jennifer and Steven invited me to dinner at a great restaurant (14 & Hudson in Piermont) for drinks and delicious food after the shoot. This quickly catapulted them into greatest couple of all time status here at Pivko Photography.

It was a pleasure creating some beautiful images with you guys, once again congrats on your engagement! I cannot wait to photograph your wedding, it’s going to be a blast.