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When I showed up at the Birchwood Manor in Whippany, NJ to capture Sowoon Park’s Sweet 16 Party, I realized I had reached the age where I could no longer remember my 16th birthday with any clarity. I’m pretty sure there was pizza, and maybe a piñata filled with diamonds, but frankly everything else is just speculation. Thankfully, due to the power of Sweet 16 Photography to take you back in time, Sowoon and her family and friends will now always be able to recall this special day in crisp detail. So that leads me to my shameless plug, if you need Sweet 16 Photography, or Event Photography in New Jersey, please go ahead over to my contact page and let me know how I can help you out.

Sowoon was about as gracious and kind a 16 year old that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She did a beautiful job creating a fun party that her friends seemed to have a blast at, and an even more beautiful job honoring them all while she lit her 16 candles. Sprinkled throughout the preview images below is plenty of evidence of where Sowoon gets her fun loving, positive energy from (hint: it’s her parents and grandparents). It was really a ton of fun for me to be there and be a witness to the type of exploding energy only possible in a room full of 16 year olds. Thanks again Sowoon and the Park Family, and congrats once again on a fantastic celebration. Please enjoy this preview of your Sweet 16 Photography!