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Any couple that sends me a thank you card along with gifts for my unborn son really ranks high in my own personal client hall of fame. Sean and Sara fit such a profile. Characteristic of their gracious personalities, Sara and I got into a “thank you war” at the end of their beautiful wedding at David’s Country Inn in Hackettstown, NJ. Sara kept thanking me, and I kept saying “no, I should be the one thanking you.” This continued on loop and eventually ended in a draw. Several weeks later, Sara and Sean won a major “thank you war” battle when I received a touching note and package of gifts for my soon to be born son. Clearly, it’s not everyday you meet people like Sean and Sara, let alone have the chance to work for them. It was effortless, fun, and personal. It certainly wasn’t work. Sean and Sara, thank you for the chance to photograph you, best of wishes, and enjoy your wedding preview below!

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