Every wedding has a different energy. Jamie and Anthony’s felt like one big family party from start to finish, full of big laughs and a huge cast of big personalities. They faced on and off rain that delayed and challenged their day, but neither of these two let anything stop their celebration, and that is a little hint at how successful they will be as a married couple. I also love when kids play a pivotal role in a wedding day because they are so honest and ridiculously photogenic, and there were many of them at the festivities. Now that I have a son, I think the image of Anthony laying a smooch on his son’s head while they were getting ready could be my favorite candid of the day. I will remember this shot and use it as permission to lay a kiss on my boy’s cheek when he is an adolescent and wants nothing to do with it. But that is the type of guy Anthony is, a hugger and a man that is always showing his gratitude for the people he loves, which is seemingly everyone. Jamie was radiant, and her gorgeous smile made my job easy, but not as easy as her amazingly calm and collected attitude that was so helpful on a rainy wedding day. Could not have had a better crew to shoot on this day. Every time I turned my camera someone’s personality was exploding in front of me. Thanks so much to these two amazing people for the chance to document their wedding at Rock Island. It was simply a pleasure.