Mimi and JP were married on a cold January afternoon kicking off my 2018 wedding season. It was extremely windy so 99.99% of images were indoors. It was a good thing The Pleasantdale Chateau has a vast an infinitely amazing interior. I particularly loved their greenhouse and pool where we took tons of pics during their portraits. Mimi and JP’s ceremony was held at St. Paul’s Church in Ramsey, NJ, which was still decked out for the holidays. The priest shared some of Mimi and JP’s written words they had sent him during the wedding planning process and not only were they touching, but were funny and beautiful in their honesty about each other. I thought it was a brilliant moment as far as ceremonies go. We then returned to Pleasantdale for a delicious cocktail hour and joyous reception where friends and family shared some more beautiful words about these two. It’s very clear these guys are a success in just about every facet of their existence. JP carries himself with a quiet determination and humility, and Mimi radiates intelligence and joy, their union is truly something to admire and I can imagine great things await them. I had a blast working for them and wish them all the best in the world. Congrats to these two, enjoy the preview below!