I met Jen and her other half Dan years ago. Before I was a full-time wedding photographer I worked in business and I was lucky enough to work in the same department as Jen where we shared many laughs and enjoyed a couple year stretch with a group of co-workers that I will remember fondly. Jen is one of the finest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting; hilarious, genuine, with an infectious energy and zest for life you just want to be around, with the hope you can steal a little bit of it. Then one day at a happy hour, I was fortunate to meet Dan who I had heard a lot about at the office. I immediately had a man crush on him, and I knew these two would be together forever in the first 10 minutes of getting to know him. That’s because he is equally as charismatic, intelligent, and the type of guy that restores your faith in humanity. Years later I had the pleasure of getting the news they were engaged and they were wondering if I was available to shoot their wedding. Since Jen had thoroughly encouraged me to follow my passions and go for it when I was in business and transitioning to life as a full-time photog, it seemed a bit poetic to capture her wedding. I was thrilled to accept. Attending this wedding was memorable. Jen and Dan are loved people, and everything I have thought about them was confirmed by watching how many people adore them both on their wedding day.