Reggie and Brandon were married at the beautiful Holly Hedge Estate in New Hope, Pa. Their wedding was amazing in every way, visually stunning, and just so full of life. I was referred this wedding by their close friends Jennifer and Daniel who’s farm wedding was similarly majestic back in 2017. Over the years I have learned that human networks have their own personality just like individuals. The network that Reggie and Brandon find themselves in the center of is the type that gives me hope for mankind. Really a beautiful group of humans that seems to understand that the quality of our lives is directly correlated to the quality of our company. Reggie was enthusiastic about my work all day, to the point that I began to feel unstoppable, which is better than the usual 10 – 12 hours of artistic self doubt I usually encounter. Brandon is the type of guy that is nice to a fault. I think he apologized to me a few dozen times for asking for another picture of friends or family. It’s my job Brandon!!! It was a day I won’t soon forget. I really had a blast, and it is all thanks to these two soul mates. Such an amazing time. Enjoy some of my favorite moments below.