I was very excited to return to one of my favorite venues, Born to Run Farm in Glen Gardner, NJ for another memorable job of work. Luckily, I was gifted a gorgeous spring day as a backdrop for Claudette and Justen’s candid and beautiful wedding. Although there was a wedding day schedule, there was something about this wedding that felt completely free of time and the pressure it usually applies to the wedding experience in the tri-state. No one ever seemed like they were in a rush, and yet beautiful photos were still made. I think the open space has something to do with that, because that has been my experience both times working at this picturesque venue. That, or the type of people that choose to get married in an open field in front of a pond know how to keep stress away from their wedding day. Claudette and Justen were ridiculously easy to work with in every regard. When I showed up to work Claudette handed me a onesie for my 3 month old son with a camera on it. That pretty much sums up the quality of these people. Wedding photography is a great job. Not only because I get to make art for a living, but because I get to witness how so many people conduct themselves on one of the most intense days of their lives. These guys did it with unbelievable grace and gratitude. I am a lucky photographer, enjoy some of my favorite moments below!