I had the distinct pleasure of photographing Kathleen and Chris last summer for their engagement session. We had a blast, and I was very happy about the prospects of shooting their fall wedding at Perona Farms in Andover, NJ. Let’s just say it didn’t disappoint. After a lively period of getting ready, Kathleen and Chris were married at St Mary’s Church in Dover, and then everyone traveled to Perona. Kathy and Chris made for one helluva elegant couple, and my whole crew and I were all thrilled by their equally as wonderful personalities. These two were just so easy to work for, and I still look back on their patience and calm and collected attitudes with a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Kathy’s deep red lipstick was a gorgeous choice with her dress and hair, and it’s amazing how it all paired so well with Chris’ Mario Kart socks, lol. The reception was a blast, the party was electric (see below) and there were so many great little moments that I was able to capture while wandering through the joy with my camera. I will miss these guys, congrats to Kathy and Chris!