Jeff and Heather were married on the beach in Long Branch just outside The Ocean Place Resort where they had their reception. Jeff works in politics as the guy behind the guy, and having a chance to meet and work for him actually restored a little of my faith in the political process, because he is such a great guy. Heather works in marketing and was so positive, encouraging, excited and simply lovely about the photography for her engagement and wedding that it really inspired me. My favorite image of the day illustrates just how much these two love each other, when in a quiet little moment after they walked down the aisle they embraced in a passionate kiss all by their lonesome on the beach. I happened to look over and catch it. It was a beautiful, sunny and warm September day in Long Branch, and the play of light and sand was a beautiful backdrop for the festivities. At one point Jeff, Heather and I were all hit by what I maintain was a miniature rogue wave. In that moment, without hesitation Jeff picked heather up and held her above the water. I was too busy trying to not fall on the jetty to take a picture of this, but it was the definition of chivalry. We all got wet, but these two didn’t even seem to mind and took it all in stride. Seems to me they are going to have a successful marriage. Heather and Jeff, congrats and enjoy the preview below!