Kate, Joe, Phillip and I had a lovely time exploring one of my favorite places on the planet, Church St in Montclair, NJ. These two had quite the romantic history at Cuban Pete’s which is just a small stroll down Bloomfield Ave from Church St. Luckily, Cuban Pete’s had the old truck parked outside with no one parked in front of it, which made for some cool portraits! Kate and Joe’s french bulldog Phillip was simply majestic in his charisma during the session. The shot where we placed the ring on Phillip’s glorious snout probably should have been a bit harder than it ended being (only took 8 exposures), but Phil played for keeps and did everything he could to try and show up mom and dad. Having gone on dates with my wife on Church St since we were in high school, I really loved shooting around the area. We headed down South Fullerton to explore a beautiful garden, and then returned to Church for Kate and Joe to have a pastry together. Really enjoyed capturing these guys and I look forward to seeing them again in the spring. Congrats you two (three)!