Daniel and Carmen are beautiful people inside and out that were kind enough to invite me to Minerals Resort for their August wedding. From the moment I met them they were warm, grateful (despite the fact that it was THEY that hired ME), and all around lovely. We got together before their wedding and had a really great time chatting. We planned out a schedule that worked for their wedding plans, and we nailed it on their wedding day. They also let me know they were going for a casual summery resort wedding since their guests would be partying with them at Minerals after their wedding celebration, so I should dress down a bit. Pretty genius if you ask me. On their wedding day it was great hearing their love story one more time. They came in and out of each other’s lives for years before everything aligned and they started a relationship and never looked back. Honestly will miss these two, really warm genuine folks that are going to have an amazing marriage. I hope the pictures capture that, enjoy their wedding preview below!