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Timothy, Elizabeth and I met up in Red Bank and headed to Sandy Hook, NJ for a sunset engagement shoot. They were so much fun to hang with, and we had a blast talking between shots. Basically, the experience was the perfect example of why I always love doing engagement shoots. By the time we get to their wedding day, it will be like meeting up with old friends.
Sandy Hook and and the weather was an incredible setting, which always makes my job easy. Plus, Tim and Liz have a great sense of humor, and it made for some really natural shots that I feel captures their chemistry. They also asked me to advise future clients that if you truly want to motivate me, pack a cold IPA and hand it to me about halfway through the session. It’s okay, your images will still be in focus :). Then later, just when I am thinking you can’t get cooler, take me out for pizza. Thanks again guys!
Lastly, I would like to dedicate this session to the raccoon that jumped out in front of us on the drive back from Sandy Hook. Not only did he manage to duck under the car, and smash a hole in the radiator (presumably with his fist), but Tim and I enjoyed looking back to watch him walk casually off the road, like nothing happened. I hope to one day be as tough as you Mr. Raccoon. Well done, well done.
I really hope you survived Mr. Raccoon, and best of luck to Tim and Liz on the car repair.

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