Kim & Lindsay

A Wedding Preview

The more my couples believe in me, the more confident I feel and the better the experience for all parties.  I can’t think of a couple that empowered me more than Kim and Lindsay. Through their constant positive encouragement, endless humor and warmth, I felt so at home working with them on their wedding day.  They picked amazing spots too.  The type of spots that make my job even easier.  We began in a beautiful rose garden in the Colonial Park Gardens in Somerset, NJ, before heading to a wall of mirrors at The Stone House in Warren, NJ (definitely one of my favorite venues).  The whole time we laughed, we joked, we drank beer(s).  I get paid to do this?  It’s tough to sum up these two humans in a blog post, but the world is lucky to have them both, and with their powers combined they’ll be unstoppable.  Magical people, I am so fortunate to have met.  Kim and Lindsay, congrats, well done and thanks again you beauties.


Colonial Park Gardens – Somerset, NJ
The Stone House – Warren, NJ
1 Photographer
5 Hours


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