Since Montclair’s legendary Tierney’s Tavern played such a huge role in Kate and Sean’s romance, they thought it would be a nice starting locale for their spring engagement session in Montclair. When I arrived at Tierney’s, Kate and Sean had both ordered a beer and placed themselves in a nice patch of light without any direction from me. We took a bunch of portraits in the textured interior of of the old tavern before we went outside and ventured to Brookdale Park. From there Sean and Kate both put on their favorite fruit patterned clothing (!) and we all walked around the park together taking photos, while occasionally stopping to admire giant plumes of tree pollen descend upon us like a swarm of locusts (this might sound dramatic, but I suffer from seasonal allergies). Honestly, it was an effortless session and these two guys kept it calm, cool and collected. I really dug their vibe as a couple, and I feel thankful I will be the one that will capture their big day in 2019. Enjoy this preview of their session below!