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I knew Johanna and Erwin’s wedding was going to be a blast after we had such a great time at their engagement session. The lovely couple of the day was married at The Bethwood in Totowa, NJ. During their vows, Johanna and Erwin each drank a shot of scotch to commemorate the scotch they shared on the night they first met. It was a perfect moment, and a great way to start an epic celebration. The reception was electric, which I think is pretty clear by the wedding preview below. The fun simply did not let up until the house lights came on, not even a bump on the groom’s head could slow things down. It was a pleasure to be there to witness it all, and congratulations once again to Johanna and Erwin. Thank you both so much for the chance to capture your wedding day, and best of luck in the future!

Special shout out to my assistant Ryan Morgan on this one!

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