Danielle and Phil gave me the great honor to capture their gorgeous wedding at The Inn at Millrace Pond in Hope, NJ. I had a blast doing so, and I think the pictures illustrate why. The weather was perfect, the venue was amazing (look forward to returning in 2018) and most importantly Danielle and Phil were not only easy on the eyes, but just ridiculously easy to work for. At their engagement shoot we ended up going to dinner and it felt like we were all old friends. We picked up right where we left off on their big day. The day was rich in events, and I admired a lot about this wedding. For instance, drinking a quality glass of beer together in the middle of their ceremony really got after my own heart, well done Danielle and Phil!

And let me just take a moment to compliment the character of these two. When they first hired me we did not know Phil worked with my sister. After the connection was discovered I got to hear all about how great a guy Phil is from my sister (right after she admitted she described me as an “idiot,” in a supposed endearing way…). I found this to be more than true – that I am indeed an idiot, and Phil is a great guy. The man is lovable to say the least. Danielle has been one of the most complimentary clients I can remember, good god did she make me feel appreciated. She took the engagement photos and used her graphic design talents to make the most phenomenal engagement album I have ever seen. I don’t know what I did to deserve feeling like I had a champion in her, but that is how I have felt since we first met. They are both incredibly positive people with great attitudes, and best of all they are passionately in love with each other.

So yeah, this was an enjoyable day of work, and I haven’t even gotten into their wonderful families and friends. Both of their parents took a moment to thank me for my hard work! I guess the apple hath not fallen too far from the tree after all.


Food was excellent. This holiday season you should all try making cornbread with pulled pork on top. Also, did I mention I ate 3 mini pecan pies with ice cream during desert?

End stream of consciousness rant – being wedding photo preview for the lovely Danielle and Phil. Many thanks!