My first boat wedding was a memorable one. There is something genius in what Catherine and Cliff did by taking their guests out on the Hudson on a beautiful day in September. The views were spectacular, and there was something amazingly social about the whole environment being contained on a boat. Guests seemed to be having more fun, and interacting more than your average wedding. In summary, I loved it. Catherine and Cliff are just lovely humans, and I have known this for a while since I shot their engagement at Liberty State Park over a year ago. They were such a pleasure on their wedding day, it was all so easy. My greatest challenge was making sure I didn’t sweat off my Dramamine patch, and this is not a huge problem to overcome in terms of a day of wedding photography. I feel kind of spoiled by this wedding, because it was not only a lovely job of photography with beautiful weather, but I really was like a tourist as the boat floated beneath the bridges and parked right next to lady liberty. What a great opportunity, thanks so much Catherine and Cliff for inviting me along for the ride. Congrats again you two!