Jaclynn and Danny met me in Harriman State Park on one of the last hot days of 2017. These two are athletes and soccer has a major role in their lives and relationship. Danny started off by giving me the standard groom-to-be preface of (paraphrasing) “I’m here, but I’m not happy about that.” I get that a lot from grooms, and little do they know it’s become a bit of a good luck charm for engagement sessions. I don’t know if it was me or the heat, but shot after shot Danny accepted his fate and did an amazing job. The ever radiant Jaclynn picked the location, she wanted something natural and with water. Wow, did she do a fine job zeroing in on Lake Sebago of Harriman State Park. The setting was epic, and these two were just a beautiful pair. It was really and easy job of photography. Thanks Jaclynn and Danny and congrats on the engagement!