When Jenan contacted me in 2016 to inquire about my availability it started, like most leads, with an email laying out some of the details of their day. Little did I know just how fortunate I was to receive her email. Once our discussions got more serious, and I learned more and more about Saif and Jenan, I was pinching myself. It became very clear, very quickly these two were awesome human beings…on just about every level.

Saif is an unapologetic romantic and makes me insecure in my own efforts as a husband. I mean read all about how this guy proposed here – How He Asked. He also sent Jenan monthly flowers with love notes every month leading up to their wedding. As if that wasn’t enough he got her initials tattooed to his ring finger for their wedding and sent over another surprise that literally gave me chills and had Jenan sobbing (not pictured below to keep private for these two). Still, listing these actions doesn’t quite capture the warmth that exudes from Saif. It’s calming, sincere, and from what I’ve seen it doesn’t pick and choose – it’s for everyone.

Jenan is a wizard. She runs a huge blog (which I believe is the beginning of an empire) here – www.MissMuslim.nyc. She is intelligent, perhaps even sage like, giving, enthusiastic, and most notably she wears her heart on her sleeve as a writer and human. Thanks to her strength and bravery to share openly she is making the world a better place (again see – www.MissMuslim.nyc) and she makes her company a pleasure to keep. I think I knew her for five minutes before I felt open enough to share my hopes, dreams, fears and insecurities with her.

It’s no wonder these two are meant to be together and are basically living a fairy tale. In fact, their families had some friendships and personal connections going back generations. The details surrounding the fate of their romance brought “ooohs” and “aaaahs” out of the guests during the toasts when all the paths that lead them to meet were announced.

Speaking of the wedding, it was a true celebration in every sense of the word. The joy was certainly not in short supply (see the pictures). The dance floor was packed! It felt rich in events from morning until night. I could go on, but this is a photography blog. I can’t thank these two enough for the chance to capture Jenan’s Henna Ceremony at Marakesh Restaurant in Parsippany, NJ and their wedding at The Estate at Florentine Gardens in River Vale, NJ. I can’t thank them enough for inviting me over to their apartment, cooking me dinner, and sharing their Hookah with me just to have a night to hang with their photographer. Seriously, I do this for a living? Thanks to Jenan and Saif for existing and for the inspiration of their phenomenal characters. I hope they have tons of kids, we need more of their genes out there. Congrats!


It would be a missed opportunity if I did not take a moment to also recognize their lovely families and their most indelible pup, Stella. From great people come great people, and dogs.