Chelsa & Chaz

By NJ Wedding Photographer Pivko Photography

I booked Chelsa and Chaz’s wedding this time last year.  I was on vacation in LBI and Chelsa decided to book me over the phone, which called for a celebratory Vodka Tonic and Lime. When I met her and Chaz in person I was thrilled that all we all got along fantastically well.  It was then that they also began to layout their wedding plans; a dog of honor, a farmstead, a food truck…I couldn’t wait until the following spring to capture it all.  After a cloudy/rainy and unpredictable start to the spring wedding season, Chelsa and Chaz’s wedding ended up being sunny and record breaking hot.  It was gorgeous conditions for their farm wedding.  And as the light got lower we ended Chelsa and Chaz’s portraits in a glorious high grass field of the Bouman-Stickney Farmstead in Stanton, NJ, which is my favorite series of the day.  This is the stuff portfolios are made of.  Absolutely gorgeous staging by Chelsa and Chaz. Thank you both for the chance, you guys are fantastic souls, and so are your family and friends! Enjoy your preview.

P.S. Shot a couple rolls of 35mm film at this wedding, see if you can spot the film below.


Bouman-Stickney Farmstead – Stanton, NJ
2 Photographers
8 Hours


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