People often ask me to describe my wedding photography style. The nerdy version of my explanation involves me trying to explain I am looking to invoke a candid style of photography that feels like a guy walked around your wedding with a 35mm SLR and snapped away. I want it to feel like a guest had some photographic talent and gifted you this enormous gallery of your entire day full of dreamy, beautiful, hilarious, raw and genuine photos. In other words, the foundation of my photography is really my ability to create an atmosphere of comfort, so my presence does not feel like intrusion. Are you still reading? What does this have to do with Shaday and Nick? Sometimes you need to work at making everyone feel comfortable, and sometimes you are so far down the otherside of the spectrum you just need to keep up. You are fully embraced, and feel within 10 minutes of starting the day, you are a member of the wedding party. In fact, the feeling was so palpable on this weeding I even had the guts to throw myself in to the mix of their gallery (see the selfie with my friend Craig below who introduced me to this crew!).

This wedding was so much fun, with such huge personalities, that everywhere I turned I felt like I was capturing gold. As evidence check out the shot where a groomsmen is about to eat the hairy breast of another groomsmen. Folks, that’s a once in a career shot, and I live for moments like these. After you have shot as many weddings as I have, when you start the day with a moment like this, you are just so invigorated about the possibilities of what is to come.

From the moment I met Shaday and Nick we hit it off great. Their engagement session was a blast. Then I got to see them at their friends Eric and Kate’s wedding and I won’t forget both of their excitement and warmth to greet me there. Then they referred me Shaday’s cousin’s wedding (2018). I mean these people feel like they are part of the family business. Shaday is an explosion of personality, and Nick is a little more of a low key charmer, they are a great balance. They are both people I am going to remember fondly, and people I look forward to seeing again next year at Danielle and Pete’s bash. Congrats to the whole lively crew for having such a great time at this wedding. Check out the preview below!