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I’m going out on a limb with this preview. When I first met Bernadette and Michael I was immediately excited. First, they seemed to be (and ended up being) fantastic, genuine people with a great sense of humor. And it goes without saying, that’s a positive for a wedding photographer. Second, Bernadette kept talking about black and white photography and photojournalism being something she adores. She was pointing to pictures in my portfolio that were black and white, and saying things like, “that is beautiful, that’s what we like.” Well she was preaching to the choir, because the black and white pictures that I deliver to my clients, especially the candid ones, are always some of my favorites.

Fast forward months later, and after the conclusion of a beautiful wedding and energetic reception I received a thank you note from Bernadette. Within the note she once again said, you can load us up in black and white. When you scroll down, you will see I took her love for black and white and ran with it. I always shoot raw, so I will be delivering everything in color as well in Bernadette and Michael’s password protected gallery, but in the case of this preview it just seemed to be so awesome in 100% gorgeous monochrome romance. I couldn’t help myself. Bernadette and Michael, thank you for the chance to not only capture the wedding day of two strong, loving, and genuine human beings, but also for inspiring me as a photographer.

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