The lovely Beth and Bill invited me to capture their winter wedding in early December. On the day of their wedding, I woke up with a stomach flu at 4 am, which had now made it’s way from my son, through my wife and into me. Without hesitating, I quickly enlisted my number one fan and master caregiver, my mom, to come with me and shovel Imodium into my mouth throughout the day. Facing this news Beth and Bill played it completely cool and didn’t share any nerves with me, which really helped me dig in and do my job despite the discomfort. I was impressed by this since it’s not exactly the news you want to wake up to on the day of your wedding. It all worked out in the end, and be the conclusion of the night I was even feeling better.

The day began at Beth and Bill’s hotel in Basking Ridge, NJ which featured some nice light and strong contrast, which I always take pleasure in. We then migrated (the wedding party on their very own school bus!) to Washington Rock State Park for a first look and portrait session. Bill was a great sport as we all teased him in his blindfold. The portrait session was followed up by a church ceremony at The Church of the Sacred Heart in South Plainfield, NJ. It was after that ceremony Beth and Bill were surprised to get a visit from their two adorable pups. It was a great moment. Also great, was the golden horizon outside the church. The festivities concluded at a Christmas/Winter themed wedding celebration at Ariana’s at Berkely Plaza in Berkeley Heights, NJ. Plenty of lovely moments and details to keep my camera busy.

My mother, a great judge of character, continues to reminisce about that one time she came to help me for the lovely Beth and Bill. She keeps saying things like, “oh, they were so sweet.” And mom is always right. They were a delight to work for and photograph and I am excited to share their preview below.

As an artist I get bored with things eventually, so I am changing the format of my blog posts to display the images in an entirely random order. I love how each moment now tells it’s own miniature story while being in the context of an entire day, but not bogged down by a chronological structure that I have used hundreds of times. It kind of makes what’s coming next a little surprise. I think this presentation really captures the essence of what I do, which is try to capture little stories within the story. But I digress, enjoy the images below!