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Not much I can say here that the pictures don’t already illustrate about Becky and Joe. Warm, easy going, fun, and in love, working for them was a pleasure to say the least. When Becky called me to discuss her wedding, I found out plans had recently changed and they were looking to have an intimate wedding on a Thursday at McLoone’s in Long Branch, NJ. For a bride in her situation she sounded calm and collected, a characteristic she continued to exude on her big day.

It was a cold and windy day in a very unpredictable May. Luckily Becky, Joe and their crew braved the chilly beach breeze for some great shots in the sand. Some of my favorite shots of the day however, were in the bridal suite when we broke cliches and all the ladies cracked open a can of miller lite for a twist on the old bridal party on the hotel bed shot. Take that pinterest. Becky and Joe, thank you so much for the chance to photograph your wedding. Enjoy your preview below!

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