Kelly and TJ were married at Annunciation Church in Paramus, NJ and followed it up with a legendary celebration at Bear Brook Valley of Fredon, NJ. These two beautifully wrapped up my 2017 wedding season where I shot a personal best 44 weddings. In the wedding industry that is a lot of weddings, and it doesn’t include second shooting for others, plus over 30 engagements. Sometimes when people hear figures like this, they think I work 44 days a year and I enjoy telling them it’s true, and they provide free meals, and the cameras these days do all the work. I’m not bitter, haha.

Long story short, it was a challenging year that had its ups and downs both personally and professionally. I am saying all this because I could not have come up with a better grand finale than Kelly and TJ. They were an incredible delight to work for; encouraging, fun, madly in love, hilarious. Kelly is magnetic, and made my job ridiculously easy. All day she was complimenting me and my work. I felt like this wedding was a gift handed to me by the wedding photography gods. I felt rewarded for a year of hard work, and that is a reflection of these two lovely souls. Bear Brook is on the rise as a wedding venue, and they treated everyone like gold. The location was gorgeous, with a perfect layer of snow on the ground. I can’t recall an ounce of drama. Kelly and TJ are legends in my book. Enjoy the preview from their beautiful winter wedding below.