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Hoboken, NJ couple Angela and David selected some truly inspired locations for their engagement shoot. I met them at the lobby of the Hoboken Train Station and immediately fell in love with the atmosphere, architecture, and characters of the station. When I found out David used to work in some capacity for NJ Transit’s Train system it made the location even more pertinent. Angela and David were like pros, improvising beautifully throughout the shoot. The handsome, enthusiastic couple and the first location were all adding up to an amazing shoot.

For the finale, we headed over to the track in Weehawken where Angela and David, both avid runners, first met. Not only was it an incredibly significant location for them as a couple, but what a gorgeous backdrop for engagement photos. Angela expressed it took years of running on the track for her to get somewhat used to the magical view of the New York Skyline. Indeed, it was an amazing place to run. After some shots strolling and hanging out on the waterfront, Angela and David changed into their running gear. Both of them wore shirts from different marathons. This is where my admiration for the couple reached epic heights. As a photographer I spend most of my days in the office, editing photos hunched over a keyboard and mouse. I was immediately struck by the beauty of a couple that prioritizes their health and exercises together in the way David and Angela do. I also thought if they could run marathons they are pretty great candidates for the long term committment of marriage.

So, in honor of Angela and David I will be running one very winded mile after posting this preview. Thanks for the inspiration guys, and it was a blast shooting your engagement photos. I can’t wait for your wedding in April!