My Name is Jon Pivko, and I am a wedding photographer and filmmaker from New Jersey. Image making is in my DNA. I have been doing it since elementary school where I brought disposable 35mm film cameras in weekly to capture my friends. One of those friends ended up being my wife. We have been together since high school, almost 20 years at this point. We now have a son (see above), and besides playing, eating and sleeping, he is usually busy telling us what to do.

Quite simply, my life is about two things; family and visual storytelling. There isn’t much else going on, and the simplicity of that is something I have come to love. I work hard to support my family with visual storytelling. I work hard for my couples to create something beautiful, honest and personal, so in turn they are happy and I can work for more couples, and support my family some more. It’s a harmonious relationship. I am absolutely blessed that I have been able to use visual storytelling to live.

As a wedding photographer and filmmaker most of all I am looking to capture something that is beautiful and natural. My style is a mix of candid/documentary and relaxed fine art portraiture. I take a similar approach with both photography and video. I find it works well to tell an authentic story of your wedding, and my hope is what I do will bring you back to the events in a thorough and beautiful way with some surprises along the way.

The craft of visual storytelling is something I have been developing since childhood, and I keep on learning with every single gig. My first wedding job was 14 when I created a wedding video for a family friend. I have worked for individuals, businesses, and most of all couples and their families ever since.

My couples would tell you I am fun, light-hearted, and good at making them comfortable, which is really the key to my candid-natured photography. Here are some quotes right from my brides:

Where do I begin? Jon Pivko & his crew were AMAZING! I personally don’t have the patience to take a lot of pictures and he made the process as painless as possible! Also, my family can sometimes be difficult to handle but he was kind, courteous and respectful and got everyone’s attention without a problem. He made my wedding day go so so smoothly! He is also INCREDIBLY talented. The pictures from the wedding came out amazing and captured our personality/emotions perfectly and never felt staged. I.could.not.recommend.him.enough


We booked Jon for engagement and wedding photos, along with a video. Let me tell you – this guy is phenomenal. His ability to capture moments that pass in the blink of an eye is uncanny. His eye for detail, his professionalism, and his awesome personality – you will not regret booking him even for a second.


We were absolutely over-the-moon about our engagement photos- and I really can’t stress that enough – they are GORGEOUS! One of the things that drew us to Jon was the journalistic, candid, and artistic sensibility that Jon has as a photographer. Jon drove out-of-state for our wedding, and agreed to be there for the entire day. He took the perfect combination of candid and posed shots, as we had requested, and was so easy-going and fun to be around! The finished wedding photos are absolutely STUNNING. Dreamy, romantic, artistic, beautifully composed, and beautifully shot. We were blown away by Jon’s work and cannot recommend him enough.


We owe a million thanks to Jon for making the photography such an easy, enjoyable part of our wedding. Long story short: If you don’t want to fret too much about art directing, or planning posed portraits to death, you can absolutely put your day in Jon’s hands and be confident that the spontaneous, unexpected, gone-in-a-flash beauty and joy of it all will be captured.


We found Jon after going through MANY photographers. We loved Jon’s portfolio on his website and even more when we first met. We loved that his pictures seemed very natural, candid and seamlessly well-documented throughout your wedding day. He is not one of those sappy, overwhelmingly romantic photographers who are all about closing eyes and kissing loll. He knows the right balance between being fun, candid, natural, emotional, and romantic.