When did you get into photography?

I began learning photography on an old 35mm SLR my parents had lying around when I was a teenager. I am still learning, and I am continually humbled by the craft. Despite the fact that I now take well over a hundred thousand pictures per year, I still take family photos for fun, especially of my son Max.

What is your favorite part about shooting weddings?

Trying to capture something spontaneous and unplanned. Weddings are some of the most emotional and exciting days in the lives of families, and things tend to happen. Whether it's a quiet moment of crying or a bride getting thrust above 15 people at her reception, I am most excited when I capture something I had no control over. Of course, I love taking portraits and detail shots too, but I find the candid moments are harder to capture technically, and when I get them I feel a really big rush of satisfaction.

Why are you a wedding photographer?

I fell in love with photography when I was young, but my path to my current occupation was not a straight line of progress. I spent time working in an office in my early 20s (not for me!), I tried various other businesses (some were ridiculous in hindsight), but I always kept coming back to the visual arts. After I broke into weddings and felt the adrenaline rush, and the opportunity to tell the stories of real people I was hooked pretty quick. Luckily it has worked out and I am now a fulltime wedding photographer.