New Jersey & New York Wedding Photographer


My name is Jon Pivko, and I'm a New Jersey and New York Wedding Photographer located in Passaic County (Northern, NJ).  My team and I serve all of NJ and the tri-state area, and I have been working as a freelance artist for over a decade. My first wedding gig was as a videographer at the age of 14. After being around enough weddings, I found myself drawn to photographing them, and began studying the craft. My wedding photography stems from a background in cinematography and film production, and has been described as cinematic. I love real moments, creative compositions, and great light. Most of all, I am passionate about pleasing couples and delivering timeless imagery that they will love looking back on for the rest of their lives.

Pivko Photography does not subscribe to the studio model and will only focus on covering one wedding a day. We can provide multiple photographers, videographers, photo booth rentals and more for your wedding. All pricing is "a la carte," and allows you to customize the exact package you want.

Photography Style

Working with me you can expect the fusion of striking detail shots, relaxed and candid portraits captured with beautiful light and creative compositions, and photojournalism with precise timing for catching real, dynamic moments. Photography is about recording a perspective, and I am constantly moving, looking to discover a new gem on your day. I hustle, taking pride in giving you the feel of two shooters as one photographer by delivering a diverse gallery. I have also been told time and time again how much I put my couples at ease. Since most people are not used to taking hundreds or thousands of photos a day, this is an important part of my job.

Business Style

I will serve as your primary photographer. I can scale up my team as needed, but no matter what, you'll be dealing personally with me from the first email or phone call, to the photos reaching your front door. I keep things honest and as simple as possible, respecting how hectic wedding planning can be. I bring backups, store backups, and cover myself every way possible to protect your images and satisfaction. I strive to offer a lot of value with my services. I remember what it was like to find a wedding photographer for my wedding, and I know the emotions you may be feeling planning a wedding. I am here to make it easy.

My Story

I have been a "visualist" for as long as I can remember.  I began drawing pictures first, then I got a hold of my first camera in 3rd grade.  It was one of those huge VHS video cameras that you would throw over your shoulder broadcast news style.  I remember when I had the bright idea to record with the camera upside down and have someone hold up a water bottle, and pour the water in their mouth.  When you played the footage back, miraculously the person was now upside down and the stream of water was defying gravity shooting straight up at them.  I wasn't going to win any Oscars, but that was the moment I understood the power of the camera to not only capture reality, but enhance it.

Still photography followed soon after.  I stole my mother's 35mm automatic camera and took photos of everything, even the mundane.  I was just fascinated by the potential to create something beautiful.  I still am to this day.

As a result of my passions I went to film school where I fell in love with the craft of telling a story visually.  I still make films, and my training as a filmmaker absolutely makes me a better photographer.

I love to create things, and getting to create beautiful images on such a positive day in the lives of people is an opportunity I relish. Let me know if you want to get to know each other in person.

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